Just Missed (Book Review)

Live with those people who respect and reciprocate your feelings.
BOOK:- Just Missed
AUTHOR:- Himanshu Bhatia
PAGE:- 291
RATING:- 3.5 Stars

In the beginning, the story of the book kept me engrossed but till the end, it gave me a very tough time as the ending didn’t gave me a good vibe and kinda frustrated me and felt some cliche mixed there in the story.

After reading this book I lost my essence to read the trio love story and I would try not to read as well.

I had some good time and some bad time also with this book but overall the book is good to read.

If you love to read trio love story then you can choose this book to read and I hope you love it as for me it is not that good.


Shreya marriage is fixed and is talking to the boy for the past many months and is engrossed with him but she met a guy on a plane and started hating him because of his flirt behaviour and selfish attitude.

Siddharth is a perfectionist in every zone but is still single and don’t give a damn about love life but when Shreya enters his life he lost his heart to her and wanted to marry her soon and is very excited to be her husband.

Shivam nature is very flirting and is very cute to girls and entertain them very well but Shivam was not always like this he was also the guy who falls in love and do illogical things but his Destiny has other plans for him and when he ended up seeing Shreya he was once again feeling some love building inside him.

What will happen with them now as one is very excited to Marrying the girl and one is flirting in nature, now the question is what’s there future holds for them to know more grab the book and start reading.

Just Missed

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