Neelkanth ( Book review)

AUTHOR:- Satyam Srivastava, Rajeev Garg
GENRE:- Crime with Mystery touch
PAGE:- 290

The book gave me an amazing time and I liked the way the author has presented the story and in starting of every part of the book there is a verse of Gita which gives a very good feeling to read the book.

A thrilling story is awaiting for you to experience and tell your experience.

The story is riveting and kept me engrossed and that made me read fast and now I can say that it’s a page-turner and could be read in just one sitting.

The book has an essence of Mythology tales and as I am shiva devote this book touched my heart and gave me some facts about my god in which I believe and strongly following his path and I am truly grateful for reading this book and I would like to recommend this book to those readers who loves to read a thrilling and mystery with some mythological touch.

Glimpses in a blink

Suryakant has recently joined an organization named CIU which is recently been formed to investigate the case at a fast rate and to reduce the crime rate in Delhi and is under the Home Minister and he is also a Chemical Engineer and belongs to the IPS batch here he is working as a special member of CIU.

CIU have a secret weapon that helps them to reveal the truth behind the crimes and that secret Astra is not known to everyone only CIU knows about this and now the creator of this weapon is in danger.

A murder happens and it looks like Suicide but there is something hidden which is unknown to the eyes and only beholder like Suryakant can solve it but he also gets lost in the dark lies of murder but beholder like him don’t give up easily and rises once again and ready for the solve the case.

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