Watching You (Book Review)

Obsession can make you take any wrong decision but the realisation of that will break your heart.
Bullying someone not always is fun sometimes it destroys lives.
BOOK:- Watching You
AUTHOR:- Lisa Jewell
GENRE:- Suspense Thriller
RATINGS:- 5 Stars

The title and the blurb of this book intrigued me when I saw this book the first time and that made me choose to read and when I finished reading I was thrilled with a new story in my memory, I know I sometimes exaggerate my emotions but for me, it felt like amazing creativity of the author and I would like to read more of her work.

I loved this book entirely and the story kept reverberating in mind to know the answers and when I got it was quite amazing and had an amazing time reading this Suspense Thriller.

The book is what it says it is, from the time when I started reading the story always kept running in my head to know what will happen next and that kept me engrossed with this book and the story revolves around a murder and some accused back story and how it happened.

The Story is fast-paced with some slow character growths and it is for adult readers and it is fully my type and I would like to recommend this book to Suspense lovers.

A glimpse of some Characters

The beginning of a thrilling story starts with a girl saying she loves someone twice her age, who is her English teacher, she couldn’t do anything and only hopes her love gets its destination and with a murder scene where a policewoman is searching for a clue to investigate the case further.

Josephine just got married and came to live in Melville heights with her husband in the house of her brother and here she saw a man named Tom Fitzwilliam who is maybe fifty years but he is very charming and is very famous in the city and is the headmaster of the school and have a charismatic attitude that makes many women fall for him and Josephine too got attracted towards him and couldn’t able to stop herself to check him out.

Jeena trip who also lives near Melville heights and is a student in the school where Josephine crush is a teacher and every girl in her class wants to spend some time with Tom Fitzwilliam and some girls admire him and Jeena friend Bess had a secret love for him and is fully attracted towards him.

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