When Death Rings (Book Review)

BOOK:- When Death Rings
AUTHOR:- Pulak Kedia
GENRE:- Mystery fiction
PAGES:- 285
PUBLISHER:- Notion Press
RATING:- 4 Stars

I am very much impressed with the story author has told in this very book and title of the book also gives an impression of murder mystery and according to me, the book is worth reading and I would like to recommend this book to all the mystery lover and as it entertained me I hope it entertains you as well.

The beginning of the story kept me engrossed and it can be read in a day as it holds such essence of a murder mystery.

The ending is very interesting and gripping as in the last as the detective of the book was investigating the case it felt like pairot investigation.

What I like most
– The cover of the Book
– I liked the narrative style of the author
– The language is very easy to read

Glimpse in a blink

A party has been organised to celebrate the grand success of a song which is loved by millions and at that party, everyone was busy enjoying the success party but suddenly telephone rings and everyone is startled who can be calling at this time and Suhana receives a mysterious call that seems to her a joke but little did she knew it is telling what will happen.

The next day after the party a piece of news comes that shocks the entire family and people who were in the party, Industrialist Shekhar has found dead in his bed in mysterious circumstances and seems like a natural death but he was murdered and everyone is in shock.

A retired police officer has been called to investigate this case and as the mystery starts to unfolds, one more person has been found dead and the dead person is somehow related to Shekhar who has been found dead in his bed.

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